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We’ve designed, built and scaled infrastructures and applications that accommodate well over 50 Million users. Whatever web project, app or software project you need done, no matter how complex, we’ll do it for you, flawlessly.


Lucy Platforms

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We at firm have developed software programs for decades, used by the most visited and respected companies in the world, including but not limited to: Powtoon, Lucy Platforms, iHennig, Playtech.

Our services include integrations development, web system development, implementation of content management systems and technology consulting for companies and entrepreneurs.

Development process aligned with your goals

Get exactly what you need

Every project needs its own care and attention. This is why the process of working with includes analysis and definition of needs. We listen, characterize and provide a detailed software development approach, performance testing, training and software support over time.

Obligated to define and assemble a clear image of the task at hand and carefully craft the perfect solution to match your growing business. We consider the time-table, budget and resources. We believe that you the client should always get full accompaniment throughout the entire work process. Ensuring you get exactly what you need.

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